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Esther Ijewere

PR Specialist & Founder Women of Rubies

Esther Ijewere is a woman’s advocate with over ten years of experience, a Columnist with two top tier Newspaper, an Author, a Certified Interpersonal Communicator and the founder of Women of Rubies.  This platform celebrates exceptional women with aspiring stories, a sequel to her award winning blog, which is fast becoming the one stop blog for every day women.

She is also a PR Consultant with over 500 client in her media portfolio. Through her Newspaper and blog, she has spotlighted over 1000 women and made them visible and heard by their target audience.

Being an emerging women leader, Esther is the youngest resident of The Idea Builders Women Mentoring Women Award, winning Mentee of the year 2010 and the “Women Enterprise award” from Vital Voices International & Exxon Mobil.

Esther has bagged several awards notably among these awards are; “The Wise Women in Media”, “Social Innovation Award” and “Social Enterprise Award”

She is a Fellow with Vital Voices Global Leadership USA, An organization founded by Hillary Clinton that aims to empower young women change makers world wide. She has taught several secondary school, serving them counsel and sharing messages of hope for a more remarkable life with them. 

Esther is the host of the popular Instagram and Youtube show; #Gettalkingwithesther where she interviews guest to discuss social and trending topics.

Power House

My Expertise

Public Relation Strategy

Esther Ijewere is a renowned PR strategist, leveraging her expertise to help individuals and organizations effectively manage their public image.

Empowerment Platform - Women of Rubies

Esther is the inspiring founder of Women of Rubies, an empowerment platform dedicated to celebrating and amplifying the achievements of remarkable women.

Impactful Event and Speaking Engagements

Esther has curated numerous impactful events, including the Media Visibility Bootcamp. These events are designed to equip women with the tools they need to amplify their voices and broaden their impact.

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From invisible to leaving a remarkable Footprint.

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